Thomas D. Blair/Azure Entertainment

MENTAL HEALTH: Jayson gives a lecutre on mental health in Feburary 2005 at the Glendale Public Library's main branch in Arizona.

Thomas D. Blair/Azure Entertainment

JOURNALISM: Jayson discusses race, journalism and his book at the Shrine of the Black Madonna bookstore in Detroit, Michigan.

Cable News Network

TELEVISION: Jayson discusses his life with Larry King at the Larry King Live studios in Los Angeles.

Interviews by Jayson


These are collected transcripts of Jayson Blair's television and radio interviews.

March 5: Dateline NBC interview with Katie Couric

March 8: Today Show interview with Matt Lauer

March 9: Interview with Larry King on CNN's Larry King Live

March 9: Interview with Editor & Publisher

March 10: Interview with Bill O'Reilly on Fox News's The O'Reilly Factor

March 11: Q&A with Newsweek

March 11: Interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC's Hardball

March 12: Listen to interview on WNYC Radio's The Brian Lehrer Show

March 13: Interview with Rita Cosby on Fox News's The Big Story Weekend

March 16: Interview with John Gibson on Fox News's The Big Story

March 21: Interview with Howard Kurtz on CNN's Reliable Sources

Listen to Jayson on the title of the book, taking personal responsibility, his own character flaws, coming clean and other lessons from his book on the radio program Eye on Books.


Upcoming Events

Jayson will be appearing on a Swedish television documentary for about his life that was filmed in November. It will appear on TV3 next year on the program "45 Minutes." Jayson with host, Renée Nyberg. Jayson reports that Renée, her producer, Angelica Rundberg (blonde hair, below), and cameraman, André Prtic (the funny looking guy above), have restored his faith in the humor of Swedes.

Jayson, Renée and Angelica in Union Square, near Angelica's old neighorhood, the East Village, and close to the rehablitation center where Jayson went (and his favoriate Barnes & Noble, Starbucks and Tower Records).

Jayson will be appearing as a part of a series on Sky Italia television on ethics and other matters later this year, he will be appearing in November on BBC Radio Scotland in a series called "Secret Lives," he will be giving a private seminar to a group of lawyers in Columbus, Ohio in November and he will appear in a BBC documentary on bipolar disorder in 2006.